Altra Hiking Boots Review

Scouting Report: These comfy boots are great for hiking, and for going out

I love a good outdoorsy vacation – the fresh air, the plants, the wildlife – it invigorates me and reminds me that we’re not designed to live surrounded by concrete. Though I’m an avid outdoors enthusiast, I like to mix it up and also spend a night or two out on the town when I travel, checking out the culinary scene at local restaurants. Since I hate checking bags, I try to fit absolutely everything I’ll need for the trip (which usually includes hiking, biking, and chill time) all into one backpack. I don’t have room for single-use items and I certainly don’t have room to bring an extra pair of footwear “just in case.”

Enter the Lone Peak Hikers by Altra. These are the boots I bring on outdoorsy trips that pull double-duty for a night out on the town, keeping me from over-packing. Thanks to the streamlined design and lightweight structure, the boots somewhat resemble regular shoes or, dare I say, casual/fashion boots? Either way, the boots are great for hiking but they don’t look ridiculous in non-hiking environments.

Altra Footwear Lone Peak All-Wthr Mid

If your office is casual, a pair of the all-black boots could also get by with long slacks – nobody will know you’re wearing hiking boots! Oh, please notice I said “long slacks”, I didn’t say shorts or skirt. It should go without saying, but no legitimate hiking boots like these are going to blend in with a pencil skirt but if you’re wearing long pants, you’re golden!

The boot’s signature wide toe box helps these feel less constricting than typical hiking boots. I wear these boots for casual to moderate hiking because they’re rugged and waterproof and they’re more comfortable than the average hiking boot. Another good option for less clunky hiking footwear are hiking shoes, but I tend to prefer proper hiking boots because they provide better ankle support.

Whether you’re heading back to the office this fall and need shoes you can wear on a hike when you get off work or you’re heading on vacation and need daytime boots that work double duty with your evening wear, these boots are exactly what you need.

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