AMR hiking reservations: What we know

Editor’s note: This is where we’ll be updating information about the Adirondack Mountain Reserve permit system on an ongoing basis.

April 20: Route 73 parking

We’re pursuing a story right now about the pull-outs/parking areas along Route 73 being closed off between the Beer Walls parking and Roaring Brook Falls trailhead. It’s not certain if this is related to the AMR permit system, but stay tuned for more information. — Melissa Hart

April 19: Increase in party size, overnight reservations, other updates

The site now has a five-page FAQ pdf posted on it. Among the latest news:

  • The maximum party size included in a single vehicle reservation has increased from six to eight people total. However, vehicles that carry up to 15 people can park in the lot, as long as there are multiple reservations for that vehicle.
  • There’s the ability for overnight users to reserve a parking spot for up to three nights.
  • DEC and AMR are still working out the logistics for people who come back after the lot closes at 7 p.m., writing that “accommodation for vehicle access may be made for overdue hikers or other emergencies.”
  • For the start of this pilot system, reservations will be available from May 1 to May 22.
  • On May 7 and thereafter, reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance of the date of reservation, up to 24 hours before. Day of reservations are not available.

— Melissa Hart

Indian Head, part of the Adirondack Mountain Reserve
Hikers take photos on the edge of Indian Head on the Ausable River. This popular destination is reached by hiking a trail that begins on Adirondack Mountain Reserve’s property. Photo by Gwendolyn Craig

April 15: FAQs update

The AMR has an updated FAQ list on its website. One question of mine was answered: if you arrive to the AMR via another route, like the Elk Lake-Marcy Trail, you will not need a reservation. Go to for more info and to make a profile for registering. — Gwendolyn Craig

March 31: Your questions answered

The initial announcement raised many questions, some of which have now been answered by both DEC and AMR. Explorer reporter Gwendolyn Craig wrote an overview. READ MORE

March 29: AMR permits announced

Parking in AMR’s 70-spot lot near Keene Valley will require a reservation May 1 through Oct. 31. Hikers, whether parking a vehicle, getting dropped off or arriving on a bicycle, will need to make one of the reservations, according to a joint news release from the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the AMR.  READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Sept. 4, 2020: Permits are coming

Ausable Club President Roland Morris told Adirondack Explorer that after years of collecting visitor data, the club would test out hiking limits in 2021.

“It’s forever wild and we need to protect the hiker experience; we need to protect the resource,” Morris said. “These are important for the current hiking public and for generations to come, and we’ve reached a point where at least in the AMR’s case we are seriously degrading the resource.” READ THE FULL STORY

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