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Today I tip my hiking hat and say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart to those caretakers of our green spaces.

Pamela H. Smallwood, Waco

Magnolia shoe shine (copy)


I was so very sorry to hear of the passing of Robert Pearson.

Robert was a legend for years at the Waco airport. Robert provided a smile to everyone he met.

Robert was an example of the friendliness of Waco that greeted arriving passengers with their first impression of our city.

Thank you, Robert, for your so many years of being Waco’s unofficial ambassador. You will be missed by so many of your friends that would drive to the airport for a shoeshine and later to Extraco Bank.

Sanctuary city

This is unprecedented. An American city of over 250,000 population voted, by a huge margin, for an ordinance that outlaws abortion within its city limits. Lubbock has become the 26th sanctuary city for the unborn in Texas.

The May 1 vote, 21,000 to 12,000, obliterated the progressive narrative on abortion. For progressives, unrestricted abortion is good and just. And secondly, those fighting against abortion are supposedly on the wrong side of history.

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