Overland Camping – A growing industry in Eastern Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI)- The Snake River Landing was filled with a growing industry in the region; Overland Camping.

It’s an industry that promotes camping within your vehicle, while you enjoying the outdoors.

For many overland enthusiasts, like Jack Lusk, the event showed just how much the industry has grown over the years. He says, “It’s awesome seeing all the new products, seeing what’s new on the market, some stuff I never even thought existed and just seeing all the innovation that people have on this kind of stuff. It’s it’s it’s amazing how far this industry has come and not much time.”

He says he has found some things that may help him the next time he goes on a trip. “A lot of new ways of a lot of new tents. Power setups are amazing. The solar panel setups just and recovery stuff. So if you do go out and get stuck, there’s a lot of ways to get recovery yourself. So hopefully you don’t have to call in search and rescue.”

The Idaho Falls Overland Association was also present at the Overland Expo.

They were helping people understand how to keep the land thriving while they explore. “People don’t realize that with going out, you have to be responsible. And we have to teach people the right way,” says Alexandria Lewis, the founder of the Idaho Falls Overland Association.

She also says that part of their mission is to keep the public lands open and enjoyable for everyone. “Unfortunately, there are people who don’t follow those guidelines and our public lands will get closed. And we want we really advocate for public lands and keeping them open for all generations.”

Another member of the Association, Crystal Heywood, says having a smaller, more personal expo added to the experience. “I’ve seen so many things that I had didn’t even know existed. And you’ve been able to talk with people and meet just new people and it’s been fun.”

Vendors at the event, Ben and Crystal Pancheri, were there showcasing the freeze dried, home made meals and a take apart stove. They say the event has helped bring the community of overland camping together. “They’re extremely excited to have a better option out on the market and more whole foods, some more homestyle homemade meal from scratch with fresh ingredients,” says Crystal Pancheri.

Organizers say the event was so popular, that they want to bring it back next year.

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