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A Raymond pastor who has rediscovered his love of hiking is donating $6,000 in proceeds from a book about his hilarious treks through New Hampshire mountains to local search and rescue teams.

Kenneth Bosse never intended to make money for himself when he published his book titled, “They Said it Would Be Fun,” and instead wants the profits to benefit the many search and rescue volunteers who are dedicated to protecting those enjoying the great outdoors.

Through his personal journeys, Bosse has come to appreciate the volunteers who run out at a moment’s notice – sometimes in the worst of conditions – to save lives.

“I’m really impressed by their determination and willingness. It’s a volunteer army in that sense,” said the 62-year-old Bosse, a Raymond resident who is pastor of New Life Church in Raymond.

Bosse’s book of hilarious adventures resulted from a renewed interest in hiking that began when he was recuperating from an injury and decided to try hiking a 4,000 footer.

He said he was 59 years old at the time and overweight.

“It led me on a journey to see if I could hike all of the 48 4,000 footers in the state of New Hampshire,” he said.

After each hike he would post a humorous story on Facebook. His stories became popular with his followers, who encouraged him to include them in a book.

“I just wanted to expose people to hiking, the joys of hiking, the anguish of hiking, and humorous journey through hiking,” he said.

During his hikes, Bosse heard a growing number of search and rescue incidents in New Hampshire as more people flock to the mountains.

He has a deep appreciation for their work as his son, Tim, is a member of the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue in Tahoe, Calif.

Since it was published in December 2019 through Amazon, his book has made $6,000, which Bosse plans to split between the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team and the Androscoggin Valley Search and Team.

He plans to present the first check for $3,000 to the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue on April 14.

Bosse is also working on a second book focused on the “52 with a View” – the 52 mountains in New Hampshire that are under 4,000 feet but have beautiful views.

He finished hiking those mountains last fall and plans to include contributions from Black Hawk pilots who perform search and rescues, other search teams, N.H. Fish and Game conservation officers, and several other hikers in the new book, which he hopes to have published in November.

He also plans to turn the rights to the two books over to the New Hampshire Outdoor Council, a private, nonprofit organization that promotes safe and responsible enjoyment of New Hampshire’s back country.

Bosse said the group will oversee future proceeds from the book sales and make sure they’re given directly to search and rescue.

He hopes his books send a message to readers that they can accomplish any goal they set their mind to and it doesn’t matter what their station is in life.

“Some people try to hike a mountain and they realize that it was a killer and there was no fun in doing it, but stick to it. It does become more enjoyable and becomes a whole journey in itself and there are a lot of lessons you learn in the whole hiking experience. I have just now fallen in love with hiking and I don’t plan on ever stopping. The enjoyment of the beauty of what we have here in New Hampshire is really second to none,” he said.

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