Bloke claims to have found Bigfoot tracks ‘with three toes’ while hiking in woods

A landscape photographer claims he spotted Bigfoot‘s footprints while out hiking in Ohio, US.

Steve Drehel posted footage of his hike to his YouTube channel this morning on January 28, which he allegedly recorded in March 2021.

While he was on his adventures, he spotted a large footprint with three toes that measured larger than his foot when he put his shoe next to it.

The bloke, who researches Bigfoot in his spare time, described the sighting as ‘weird’ as he followed the trail along the dry dirt track.

Drehel said: “Actually if you look at it, it’s an old print. I can see three toes, possibly four.

bigfoot footprints
The footprints were found in the woods in Ohio on March 30, 2021

“But if you look at this one here, here, it’s three toes. It’s weird.”

He shared the video with the caption “Found some old Bigfoot tracks?” to the subreddit r/bigfoot but was slammed for the date being March 30.

The commenter said: “March 30th huh? You guys just can’t stop with that number, can you? Obviously not.”

It appears that the 30th day of any particular month is a common theme across Bigfoot sightings.

The most recent spot was reported in November by a man in Illinois, known as the capital state of Bigfoot sightings with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization reporting 300 encounters in the state alone.

What sets this sighting apart however is the humongous scale of the creature the unknown explorer claims to have encountered.

According to the man, he ran into the creature just outside of Chanderville.

The most recent bigfoot sighting was in November

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It was reportedly fast, athletic, and gigantic – able to cover a two-lane road in two strides.

The beast was covered in black fur, which the man claims was shiny.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, the man said: “It jumped into the darkness and I was kind of freaked out about it.

“I said to myself out loud, ‘(Expletive) Bigfoot!’”

The man says does not want his identity revealed as he does not want to be known as ‘Mr Bigfoot’ but claims he is under no delusions as to what he saw.

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