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Bullock observed that if camping was limited to two nights per 30-day period, that the plan would treat everyone equally.

Gallaher wondered how the sheriff’s department could enforce the measure using multiple deputies on different days.

Gilliam explained her discussions with Bullock on enforcement and what she would require to press charges.

“Sheriff Dan and I were speaking about whether or not they would have the manpower and resources to do that, because we would need both the deputy who observed them at some point and then the later point if they had overextended the two days,” she said. “We would have to be able to prove in court that they were there longer than the two days for the trespassing. We talked about if there was a way to document it for the deputies to know if they had been there than the allotted time would be.”

Bullock said that his deputies are across that bridge several times a day.

“We can document that through 911, we can recall that,” he said.

After discussing several scenarios, Wilkinson said that they need to think about the situation more and not be in a hurry that may not be the right answer.

Copeland again brought up the problem of motorized access below the bridge.

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