COVID-19 safety precautions urged during camping, outdoor recreation | Regional

MISSOULA – As more people head to the great outdoors for camping and hiking, COVID-19 safety precautions are encouraged to keep everyone safe and help slow the spread.

“Being outside is great and it does help reduce risk in general but you still want to keep your space,” said Vivaca Crowser, information and education manager with Fish, Wildlife and Parks. “There are particular areas in campgrounds where folks congregate so just making sure you’re still keeping your distance and even having your mask available in case you need it.”

Officials also encourage camping or recreating with the people that you live with, and when it comes to sleeping or spending time in close quarters like tents or RVs, try to socially distance or wear a mask.

Shared or buffet style food could also pose a risk for the spread of COVID-19 so it is recommended to use different cooking utensils and keep food separate when possible. 

As outdoor recreation draws more people to the trails and lakes, social distancing is encouraged as well as masks.

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