Moments with the minister: Hiking at Hagerman

The other day our family went to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge last weekend. Our son Miles is nearing the completion of his merit badges for Eagle Scout. He needed to fulfill the requirements of cooking: two meals and a snack. We’ve lived in Sherman nearly six years, but this was our first visit to Hagerman. It was a beautiful, sunny day. While Miles prepared breakfast (eggs/cheese/bacon cooked in a sandwich bag in a pot of boiling water– some of the best eggs i’ve ever tasted, no kidding), I decided to walk a little distance and practice a new mindfulness exercise I learned recently.

5-4-3-2-1. You take a moment, preferably outside, and experience, in any order, your five senses. I did this twice during our hikes. The first time:

5 sounds: car, bird, airplane, family voices, wind

4 sights: cactus, sky, downed tree, grass

3 touches: thorns, mud, walking stick

2 tastes: egg, tortilla

1 smell: propane

The second time, an hour later:

5 sights: spider, rabbit, butterfly, seven buzzards, fellow hikers

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