Southeastern U.S. diesel shortage hiking prices for fuel, with higher costs for everyday goods

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The crisis in Ukraine and the move toward cleaner-burning fuel are two factors causing a diesel shortage in some Southeastern states, including North Carolina.

With those fuel prices going up, prices of everyday goods could also rise.

“Diesel pretty much fuels our whole economy, I mean it transports everything we need from coast to coast,” said Mallory Dumond, a North Carolina-based travel agent.

That means you could be paying even more for everyday things.

“As the availability of diesel fuel goes down, as it becomes less and less available, it’s going to be harder to get day-to-day goods, and so that’s going to raise the price, price hikes are going to be passed onto the consumer,” Dumond said.

CBS 17 went to some diesel fuel locations in Johnston County looking for drivers filling up but found none. Most highway users of diesel fuel are truckers.

At one station, diesel cost $5.09 per gallon.

Dumond says if you’re planning holiday travel and plan to travel by air, think ahead.

“It’s going to raise the cost and availability of jet fuel, so we’re going to see airline prices go up, which is probably not a surprise,” she said.

But even if you’re hitting the road for a shorter trip, Dumond says to be prepared.

“Be prepared for higher prices across the board, so if you’re traveling to visit family for the holidays even, you might not be planning a big trip to the Caribbean or a cruise or something like that, but even simple travel like going to visit family,” she said.

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